Different Scholarships for Black Women to Choose and benefit from

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2017)

A number of institutions, agencies and foundations offer Scholarships for Black women to aid them in pursuing their higher education. Such Scholarships are specifically given to black women to encourage them to take up programs in which there is an under representation of the black women segment. The following segment lists some of the popular scholarships that are available for black women.

United Negro College Fund (UNCF)

This is one of the well-known organizations that have provided scholarships for a lot of programs. UNCF came into existence in the year 1944 and since then have been able to raise more than $3 billion for the educational needs of the black women. More than 400,000 women students have been able to get degrees from UNCF affiliated member universities and colleges.

Currently, it plays a vital role in enabling more than 60,000 black women students to enroll in degree programs every year. It has been awarded 17,000 scholarship programs in collaboration with various state Universities. In addition to scholarships, UNCF also awards Internships and Fellowships to several black women students every year. Read more on how to apply for United Negro College Fund

National Black Nurses Association (NBNA)

NBNA awards scholarship programs and fellowships to Black women students interested in pursuing a career in Nursing. NBNA now offers annual scholarships and fellowships for a four-year nursing program. Black women students interested in applying for the annual scholarships can get into the following NBNA Scholarship

National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ)

NABJ is an organization that has been specifically created for providing scholarships for black women students interested in the field of Journalism. Every year NABJ provides up to $25,000 for eligible black women students. Students can visit the Following list to apply for the NABJ scholarships.

Other prominent Scholarships for black women students;

  1. Dr. Wynetta A. Frazier “Sister to Sister” Scholarship: Scheme to help women who are returning to school without the support of a spouse or family
  2. Dr. Arnita Young Boswell Scholarship: reward adult students for their academic achievement.
  3. Minorities and Women Educational Scholarship: help minority and women college students in pursuing degrees in real estate appraisal or related fields.
  4. Gena Wright Memorial Scholarship: support African-American students interested in working with children.
  5. The Maureen L. And Howard N. Blitman, P.E. Scholarship: encourage minority students to pursue careers in engineering.
  6. Women in Need Scholarship: This award, established to offer financial assistance to re-entry women students who are pursuing accounting degree.
  7. Ethel lee Hoover Ellis Scholarship targeted towards black women students in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina
  8. Julianne Malveux Scholarship: Assist black women sophomores majoring in Journalism, economics and public policy.
  9. Dr. Arnita Young Boswell Scholarship
  10. Ethnic Minority and Women’s Enhancement Scholarship: support minority female students in intercollegiate athletics with postgraduate scholarships at the NCAA national office.

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