How do you sneak alcohol into a college football game?

Just put your gummy bears in a sealable bag, completely immerse them in alcohol and let those bad boys sit for five to eight hours. After that just put the bag in a pocket and head out the stadium. You probably shouldn’t have to worry too much about them being discovered.

Can you drink inside a college football game?

Inside the stadium, fans will be limited to two alcoholic beverages per transaction, while beer and wine sales will conclude at the end of the third quarter. For now, there’s no cap on how many fans will be allowed to attend games this fall. USC announced in June the Coliseum will return to full capacity.

How do you sneak alcohol into sports games?

9 Ways to Sneak Alcohol into a Football Stadium

  1. Plastic Hip Flask.
  2. The Bra Technique.
  3. Sandal Flask.
  4. Put the Kids to Work.
  5. Flask Tampon.
  6. Decoy Bottle.
  7. The Water Bottle.
  8. The Pass Through.

How can I sneak alcohol into college?

Place the bottle of alcohol on a shelf, and then cover that bottle with an empty binder. Two inch and firmer binders probably work best. School supplies have never been so useful! If you have a lot of pillows on your bed, throw a bottle or two in a pillowcase and put all your other pillows in front of it.

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How do you sneak alcohol into a ball?

How to sneak alcohol into a festival without getting caught

  1. Bring a jacket with big pockets. …
  2. Put it in Capri Sun pouches. …
  3. Hide it in baby food pouches. …
  4. Hide it in a big tub of Sudocrem. …
  5. Put it in water bottles without breaking the seal. …
  6. Hide it in a hollowed out loaf of bread. …
  7. Wrap it up in your sleeping bag.

Will Alabama sell alcohol at football games?

Alabama releases statement following SEC’s decision to lift ban on alcohol sales. The big news exiting the Southeastern Conferences spring meetings came when the league announced alcohol sales will no longer be banned on its campuses. … “This new policy allows each campus to decide what is right for them.

Is Clemson a dry campus?

Clemson University prohibits the illicit or unauthorized manufacture, use, possession, distribution or dispensation of alcohol or illegal drugs on University property or as part of any University activity. … No student under 21 years of age shall possess, sell, purchase or consume alcoholic liquor, beer or wine.

How can I hide alcohol in my body?

There are many places on your body where you can hide small bottles of liquor. For instance, flip an airplane bottle upside down and tuck it into your sock, near the natural divot at your ankle. Or hide a few in the folds of your ample belly.

How do you hide beer?

Put a few ice cubes in a big plastic cup from your favorite fast food chain. Drop a can of beer in there and cover it up with the lid. Poke a straw through it and you’ll be sippin’ surreptitiously.

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Can you get kicked out of college for drinking?

Because every college has its own alcohol policy, the consequences for a single alcohol-related offense can vary from campus to campus. … For more severe or repeat offenses, students can be kicked out of university housing, suspended, or sent for alcohol evaluation and treatment. The most extreme punishment is expulsion.

Can Ra’s search your room?

‘They can and do observe anything in open drawers and closets and in plain view. ‘ There are times when an RA can enter and even search unannounced. The only time a container is searched without explicit consent is during ‘announced safety inspections’ and ‘at every closing’ of the semester or year.

How do freshmen get alcohol in college?

They reported that alcohol is easy to obtain from a variety of sources, with friends/acquaintances who are of legal age or those with a false ID being the most common. Parties were also common sources, but “shoulder tapping” (i.e., asking a stranger to purchase alcohol) was not common.

How do you sneak vodka?

If you want to hide alcohol, simply empty a tube or bottle of lotion and refill with booze. Or if you want to be really crafty, and probably safer, put your booze in a food bag and push to the bottom of the bottle.

How can I hide alcohol from my parents?

7 places to hide alcohol when your parents visit

  1. In your roommate’s stuff. You can’t help it that you’re a responsible young adult living with someone so immature.
  2. In your sock drawer. …
  3. In your laundry hamper. …
  4. In your desk drawer, under the textbooks. …
  5. In your trash can. …
  6. In with your toiletries. …
  7. Consume it.
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