How do you say middle school student in Chinese?

What is middle school student then? It is 初级中学学生 Chuji Zhongxue Xuesheng. Simply put it, 初中生 Chu Zhong Sheng. Generally, “gao zhong sheng” (高中生).

What is middle school student in Chinese?

中学生 [zhōngxuéshēng] {noun} middle school student.

How do you call a Chinese student?


  1. (at university) 大学(學)生 (dàxuéshēng) (名, míng)
  2. (at school) 中学(學)生 (zhōngxuéshēng) (名, míng)

How do you write middle school in Chinese?

In mainland China, 初中 is often translated to middle school. It’s in the official English names of many middle schools. 高中 is often translated to high school.

What is primary school student in Chinese?

primary school student schoolchild CL:個|个[ge4],名[ming2]

How do you say I am a student in Chinese?

Chinese Translation (Simplified): 我是学生。

How do you say high school student in Chinese?

Generally, “gao zhong sheng” (高中生). “Gao zhong” means high school, and “sheng” means “student”. By the way, if you are freshman, called “gao yi”(高一)simply. two years, “Gao er” (高二).

What is 12th grade called in China?

Upper-Secondary School and Post-Secondary education (so for example, twelfth grade is called 高三 and second year in college called 大二).

How do you say Secondary School in Chinese?

Secondary School {proper noun}

中学 [zhōnɡ xué] {pr. n.}

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