Can I work as a student in Austria?

In Austria, foreign students can work part-time for not more than 20 hours per week. Also, as long as the student remains enrolled in a study program in Austria, they can work and earn money without needing any work permit.

Can international student work in Austria?

All international students can work whilst studying abroad in Austria. However, the number of hours you can work and the permits required will depend on your nationality and visa status. Students from the EU (excluding Croatia), the EEA and Switzerland can work freely in Austria without a permit.

How much an international student can earn in Austria?

Part Time Employment Rules in Austria for International Students 2021. However, despite controlled part time jobs permission in Austria, you can earn up to 800 to 1000 Euros a month. The minimum income is set by Act Governing Employment of Foreign Nationals according to a student’s age.

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How many hours can I work with a student visa in Austria?

As a student you can receive an employment permit for employment of up to 20 hours a week without a labour market test. Companies have to apply for this employment permit at the Public Employment Service (Arbeitsmarktservice – AMS).

How do I get a student visa to work in Austria?

The employer has to apply for this work permit at the Public Employment Service (Arbeitsmarktservice/AMS) before the employee takes up the job. Holders of a “Residence Permit – Student” will be able to get a work permit for working for up to 20 hours/week. This permit will be granted without labour market check.

Is it easy to get a job in Austria?

Is it Easy to Get a Job In Austria? Austria has the 16th highest national employment rate at around 71.5%. … The country, however, is strict on who it admits for employment purposes. Austria is known to favor high skilled workers and this can factor into a job search in the country and affect the ease of being employed.

Do they speak English in Austria?

While English is widely spoken in Austria, it has no official status there. Instead, official communications, signage and so forth uses German, as that is the primary language of Austria.

How can I make quick money in Austria?

Here are some ways that students in Austria can make money easily.

  1. Get a Saturday job in Austria. …
  2. Get a part-time job in Austria. …
  3. Get an internship in Austria. …
  4. Get help from the government. …
  5. Take part in paid surveys and experiments. …
  6. Donate plasma.
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Can I work in Austria without speaking German?

Work in Austria with no German

It’s possible to find a job in Austria without speaking their language, as the country has a large labor market, low unemployment rate (4.9%), good international connections, and branches worldwide.

What jobs are in demand in Austria?

There’s currently a need for workers in a range of occupations, including:

  • construction joiners.
  • data processing.
  • graduate nurses.
  • mechanical engineering.
  • power engineering.
  • roofers.

Can I stay in Austria after graduation?

After graduating from a German university, international students can extend their student visa for 18 months. Same as in Austria, this period allows them to find a job that fulfills their qualifications. After finding the job, graduates are able to apply for the German residence permit or EU Blue Card.

How much bank balance is required for Austria student visa?

You have to prove sufficient financial means to finance your stay: students up to 24 years of age have to prove that they have at least 515,30 Euros per month ; students of 24 years of age or older have to prove that they have at least 933,06 Euros per month [as of 2019] – these amounts have to be proved for a maximum …

What is Austria minimum wage?

Technically, there is no federal minimum wage in Austria. However, in January 2017, the Austrian government asked the social partners to negotiate a minimum wage that would apply to all industries in the country. Because of this, there is now an effective minimum wage in Austria of €1,500 a month.

Is it difficult to get Austrian student visa?

If you’re a non-EU/EEA or Swiss national planning on studying in Austria for over six months, you’ll need to apply for a student visa and a student residence permit. … You’ll still need to register with the Austrian authorities if you plan on staying for more than three months, but this is quick and easy.

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How do I become a student in Austria?

Austria Student Visa Requirements

  1. Valid Passport. …
  2. Visa Application Form. …
  3. Travel Insurance. …
  4. Identity Pictures. …
  5. You have to include proof of your accommodation. …
  6. Itinerary for your travel. …
  7. Financial Means. …
  8. Proof of admission.

Can non EU students work in Austria?

International students can work in Austria while studying. … International students from outside the EU and the aforementioned countries will have to obtain a work permit in addition to their residence permit. In most cases, the prospective employer will make the application on their behalf.