Who Wore 0 for UCLA?

Who Wore #1 for UCLA basketball?

99 NBA/ABA Players

Rk Player From
1 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar * 1970
2 Jordan Adams 2015
3 Arron Afflalo 2008

What famous NBA players went to UCLA?


Player Career NBA draft
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar* (formerly Lew Alcindor) 1966–1969 1969
Jordan Adams 2012–2014 2014
Arron Afflalo 2004–2007 2007

Who played for John Wooden at UCLA?

His famous Pyramid of Success has helped many of his players and many other people around the world to be successful in their lives. Two of the players that helped propel Wooden’s UCLA basketball dynasty were Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Walton.

Who is #43 UCLA basketball?


# Full Name Wt.
23 Peyton Watson 200
24 Jaime Jaquez Jr. 225
34 David Singleton 205
43 Russell Stong 190

Who wore number 1 at UCLA?

UCLA players have been assigned jersey numbers ranging from 0 to 78 in the team’s history.

Retired numbers.

No. 42
Player Walt Hazzard
Career 1961–1964
AA 1

What college did Kareem Abdul Jabbar go to?

University of California, Los Angeles
Карим Абдул-Джаббар/Университеты
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