Where can I park at Miami University?

How much is parking at University of Miami?

Fee Structure by parking area

Garage / Lot Salary <$35,000 Student
Life Science and Technology Park (LSTP) Lot $42.802 $42.80
Daily Cash Card Parking Passes (JMH Lots ONLY) $5.07 each – maximum 10 per month2
1Rate includes 7% Florida sales tax
2Rate includes 15% City of Miami surcharge and 7% Florida sales tax

Does University of Miami have student parking?

All vehicles parked on campus are required to have a valid UM parking permit and must park head-in only.


Regular Color Zone (Red, Brown, White, Yellow, Gray, Burgundy, & Pink) $553
Resident Student (1st Year freshmen are ineligible for a permit) $596

Where do guests park at Miami University?

Visitors can purchase a permit online prior to their visit to campus. From 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, a parking permit is required to park on Spring, Oak and Maple Streets.

Can freshmen have cars at Miami?

While first-years are not allowed to have cars on campus, the University offers numerous transportation options including car-sharing, carpooling, bicycling, and on-campus shuttles, which are integrated with public transit and other modes of transportation. Visit our Campus Transportation page for more information.

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How much is PayByPhone Miami?

Park with PayByPhone

Basic Consumer Pricing Table Fee
Cost of in-car device No Device Needed
Annual account fee None
Convenience fee (charged per parking transaction) $0.25
Text message reminder fee (optional for consumer) $0.10

How much does it cost to park at Hard Rock Stadium?

How much is parking at Hard Rock Stadium? Miami Dolphins game day parking at official on-site parking garages costs $15 – $50. Be aware that you’ll have to get there early to make sure you get a spot at the on-site parking lots. Rates will vary for other events; make sure to check updates before your visit.

Does Miami University allow cars?

First-year students are not permitted to bring a car to campus without express University authorization (exceptions listed below). Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are permitted to bring a car, but are required to register the vehicle with the University and obtain a parking permit.

Does Miami University allow cars on campus?

Employees and visitors may register up to four vehicles to use the same permission; only one vehicle is permitted to park on campus at any time for each permission. Permit colors correspond to specific parking areas indicated on the parking map.

What type of student goes to University of Miami?

To attend the University of Miami, a person has to be ambitious, have high goals for themselves, and be willing to put forth maximum effort. Those with hectic schedules, online is the way to go. A person who likes warm weather, academically smart, or a highly athlectic person. A person that likes people.

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Where do Freshman live at University of Miami?

There are 2 freshman dorms, Hecht and Stanford and if you do not live in the Miami area you are required to live there as a freshman. The floors are divided by gender and you share a room with one other person. The rooms are pretty narrow, but they aren’t too bad.

Does University of Miami have private bathrooms?

In areas where bathrooms are shared by the floor, guests must use restrooms that align with their gender identity. In accommodations where a private or semi-private restroom is available, guests may use that facility only if the roommate and/or suitemates/apartment-mates grant permission.