What are the two types of colleges in the CUNY system?

CUNY includes both four-year colleges and community colleges. In total, the CUNY system offers more than 1,750 degree programs and 1,800 clubs.

How many colleges are in the CUNY system?

25 Campuses in

The City University of New York spans 25 campuses across the city’s five boroughs and offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and continuing education opportunities to students of all ages and backgrounds.

What are the two types of universities?

Guide to Types of University in the US

  • Public (state) universities. Public universities in the US, also often called state universities, receive some level of public-sector funding, via the state government. …
  • Community colleges. …
  • Private non-profit US universities.

What are the colleges in CUNY?

Колледж Барух
City University of New York/Колледжи
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