Can I enlist in the military after college?

Joining the military after college is a quick way to advance in any branch of the armed forces. A college degree qualifies those who enlist to enter officer training immediately, bypassing the time required for general recruits.

Is it a good idea to join the military after college?

The benefits of joining the military after college

Joining the military as a commissioned officer can offer the best of both worlds for those who want the college experience but who also want to serve their country. … Higher pay than joining as an enlisted military member. Greater opportunities for promotion and training.

Is it normal to enlist after college?

No. Lots of enlisted members have college degrees and a good number of them earned their degrees before they joined the military. All the military branches recruit college degree holders to enlist and most offer student loan repayment incentives to specifically target this population for enlistment.

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Can I join the military if I’m already in college?

If you’re on active duty and thinking about pursuing further education, you might find yourself wondering, “Can I be in the military and college at the same time?” You’ll be interested to know that the answer to that question is a resounding, “Yes!” Thousands of servicemembers enroll in college during their military …

How do I enlist in the Army after college?

Enroll at a traditional college or university with a Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program. Attend Officer Candidate School (OCS) after graduating from college. Receive a direct commission after earning a professional degree. Advance through the enlisted ranks and then complete officer training.

Can I join the military with an associate’s degree?

Yes, absolutely, and I agree with the other answers offered. If you do have an associates degree, there is a good chance you can become a warrant officer in the Army or Navy, where the pay and benefits are better.

What rank are you if you enlist with a college degree?

You may earn an initial enlistment rank of E-1, E-2 or E-3 with 20 or more semester hours of credit from a degree-granting college or university. You may opt to earn a college degree first, then join as an officer.

Can you become an officer in the Army after college?

If you choose to become an Officer through the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) or the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, you’ll become an Officer after completing four years of college.

Should I go to college or enlist?

Enlisting in the military first means gaining the opportunity to retire earlier, have college paid for and potentially avoiding student loans. On the other hand, graduating from college first and then enlisting may allow you to start off at a higher rank and pay grade, with more opportunities for leadership roles.

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Can I join the Navy after college?

You don’t have to attend the Naval Academy or participate in a Navy Reserve Officer’s Training Corps program during college to become an officer. Joining the Navy after college is a career option that lets you serve in the armed forces as an officer and leader.

What happens if you get deployed during college?

Law states that students whose education was interrupted by voluntary or involuntary military service have the right to re-enroll in their respective programs, most often without penalty. … This is dependent upon the number of hours or weeks completed in the course by the time military orders take effect.

Should I join the army before or after college?

Whether to join the military prior to finishing college depends on your goals and circumstances. If you’d like to become an officer, then you need to complete your degree prior to joining. If you need tuition assistance, then completing your degree over time as an enlisted member might be the right choice.

What rank do you go in the army with a bachelor’s degree?

If you choose to enlist in the Army with a bachelor’s degree, you will enlist as an E-4 (Specialist). If you choose to take a commission, you will become an officer as an O-1 (Second Lieutenant).

Is it better to enlist or become an officer?

Officers will start out at a higher pay grade than enlisted personnel, though enlisted service members are eligible for a variety of bonuses that can be quite substantial. Officers will also receive higher benefits such as monthly Basic Allowance for Housing.

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Can you join the airforce while in college?

When you join the Air Force with a college degree, you can enter as an officer and a leader. We’ll provide you with training to develop the skills and character you need to become a world-class officer prepared to lead your fellow Airmen.