How many students does Birmingham University have?

How many students are there at Birmingham University?

With around 24,000 students from 80 countries, Birmingham City University is a large and diverse place to study.

How many international students are there at the University of Birmingham?

With over 8,700 international students from approximately 150 countries, and 31% of our academic staff from overseas, our campus is truly a diverse and global place which attracts the brightest and best international students and staff.

Which University has the most students UK?

University College London had the highest number of students in the United Kingdom in 2019/20, at over 41 thousand, while the University of Manchester had the second highest number of students, at just over 40.4 thousand.

What is the ranking of Birmingham City University?

Birmingham City University is ranked 501 in World University Rankings by Times Higher Education and has an overall score of 4.0 stars, according to student reviews on Studyportals, the best place to find out how students rate their study and living experience at universities from all over the world.

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How prestigious is Birmingham University?

The University of Birmingham is a global institution that commands a strong international reputation, because of this, many of our students embark on careers across the globe with multi-national employers and the university has been rated as the top 2 most targeted universities by leading employers (High Fliers 2020).

What is the difference between Birmingham City University and University of Birmingham?

Originally Answered: Are the “university of Birmingham” and “Birmingham city university” the same ? These are two very different institutions. The University of Birmingham is a redbrick University whereas the BCU has developed from the old Birmingham Polytechnic.

How many students does Aston University have?

9,500 (2011)
Университет Астон/Набор
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