How do I get in touch with Student Finance England?

Can I phone Student Finance England?

Contact Student Finance England on their general enquiries phone number by dialling 0300 100 0607 if calling from within the UK or +44 300 100 0607 if calling from any other country. You can call this phone number to apply for a maintenance loan, report missing payments or calculate your remaining student debt.

Can you speak to someone at student finance?

Telephone: 0141 243 3570. From outside the UK: +44 (0)141 243 3570. Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm. Telephone: 0300 100 0031.

Does Student Finance have online chat?

UCAS live web chat with Student Finance England.

How do I speak to someone at my student loan company?

By phone

  1. England, Scotland and Northern Ireland: 0300 100 0611. Wales: 0300 100 0370. …
  2. Grant overpayments: 0300 100 0629. Loan overpayments: 0300 100 0628.
  3. Grant and loan overpayments: 0300 100 0495.
  4. Open 29 and 30 December from 10am to 4pm. …
  5. UK: 0141 243 3970. …
  6. Open 29 and 30 December from 10am to 4pm. …
  7. Student Loans Company.
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How do you call student loans abroad?

Toll-free outside North America: 800 2 225-2501 plus appropriate country code. If the country that you are in does not provide access to the international toll free telephone number, use the Canadian Operator number 0800 096 0634 and then call the NSLSC collect at 905 306-2950.

Why have I not received student loans?

Often a delay in receiving your money means there’s an issue with your Student Finance application. Remember that Maintenance Loans are based on your household income, and you often have to submit evidence to verify this. … Call up Student Finance or check your application status online to see if there’s a problem.

How long is Student Finance hold?

Find out more:… If you need to suspend your studies because you’re seriously ill, your funding might cover you for an extra 60 days. It’s important you make sure your university tells us the correct date you left, otherwise you might have to pay it back.

Is Student Finance England the same as SLC?

The Difference Between Student Finance England and The Student Loans Company. Student Finance England (SFE) deal with the allocation of loans and your application. The Student Loans Company (SLC) deal with the repayments when you graduate.

How long does Student Finance take to process?

It can take up to six weeks to process student finance applications. Make sure you apply early – even if you have a conditional offer – as you can amend or cancel your application if your plans change.

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Can I cancel my student finance application and start again?

If you have already made an application to Student Finance but then decide to defer study, you can cancel your application. You should then apply for Student Finance again before you start study the following academic year.

How do I cancel my student loan UK?

If you need to cancel or ask for a refund, you can reach out Student Loans via telephone (0300 100 0611) or by post at The Student Loans Company, 100 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, G2 7JD.

How do I cancel my student finance application?

How to cancel student finance. If your plans change before the start of your course, you can amend or cancel your funding application. You’ll have to contact Student Finance England or the relevant administering body to process this.

Is there an email address for Student Loans Company?

By email: – You should include your Customer Reference Number (CRN) in the email subject header. By writing to: Customer Relations Unit, Student Loans Company 100 Bothwell Street Glasgow G2 7JD.

Do student loan companies call you?

Scammers know it, too, and are looking for ways to take advantage: they’re calling, texting, and e-mailing to try to use any confusion around restarting your student loan payments to steal your money and personal information. Check out what some of these scam calls sound like.

What is my SLC number?

Your SAAS reference number is an 8 digit numerical code which allows us to confirm your attendance with SAAS. Your SLC reference number is a 13 digit alphanumerical code which allows us to confirm your registration so that SLC can release your loan to you.

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