Frequent question: How much are student rush tickets?

Known as Student Rush tickets, these discount tickets are usually $20 to $30 each, although they can sometimes get as high as $40 (but fortunately that’s rare). A student ID is always required to purchase Student Rush tickets, but many Broadway shows allow you to buy two tickets with just one Student ID.

How many penguins student rush tickets can you buy?

How many student rush tickets can you buy with one ID? It is limited to six!

How does student rush work?

A: RUSH usually means a ticket that is purchased on the same day as the performance, usually at a steep discount off the regular price. RUSH can be STUDENT RUSH (usually for students only) or GENERAL RUSH, which means that anyone can purchase these tickets.

How much are Broadway Rush tickets?

If you don’t mind standing in line at the box office on the day of the show, RUSH tickets are a great way to score inexpensive tickets. RUSH tickets cost anywhere from $25-40 depending on the show.

How does Penguins Student Rush work?

The Pittsburgh Penguins GNC Student Rush program is available to all current high school and college students with a valid student ID. These tickets are available at for a limited time, day of game. Students are limited to one (1) transaction per Student ID.

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How does Canucks student rush work?

Enjoy savings on single-game tickets. Fans who sign up will be entered for a chance to win a pair of complimentary tickets every month! Enjoy Canucks hockey with your closest friends and family!

Where do Pitt Penguins play?

What is a valid Student ID card? A valid student ID confirms that you are studying at a specific academic school or college, having enrolled and paid any fees.

What is Rush ticket?

Rush tickets are day seats that you can purchase right from your phone on the day of the performance.

Does Hamilton do rush tickets?

While there are no Rush tickets available for Hamilton, fans can try the cancellation line on the day of the show. In this situation, seats are sold at their original ticket price. …

How do you get rush tickets on Broadway?

Where: (212) 246-4422,, or at the box office. Tickets per Person: Limit 2, but everyone must have a valid ID proving they are under 30. Special Policies: Based on availability. Sign up online to access tickets for the season.